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How to share the results
How to embed survey results into Microsoft Teams
How to embed survey results into Microsoft Teams

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The first part of embedding Feedbackly survey results into MS Teams are the same as for sharing a dynamic link. If you have already created a sharable link then you can continue from this step.

You can easily share your results to anyone that isn't a Feedbackly user, this way you can report to your management or colleagues by just a few clicks. Follow these steps to embed the results into Microsoft Teams:

1. Go to "Analyze" and then "Survey Analytics" tab

2. Set your filters according to the results you want to share or utilize your favourite views based (read more here)

3. Click on the "Actions" tab above your results and click on the last option "Share Results"

4. You will then choose your settings for the results you are sharing

  • You can choose if the receiver will be able to change the date range.

  • Add other options like giving the receiver to change the grouping, add possible meta data filters, expand questions to root cause analysis, display questions you hid, view the Response list, and choose tabs within the questions.

5. After choosing between these options click "Create Link" and a link will be generated that will be copied to your clipboard

Embedding the survey results into a Microsoft Teams channel

6. In MS Teams open up "Teams" and then select a "Team" and a "Channel" inside the team

7. In the top part of the screen select the "+" sign

8. In the popup window select "Website" and in the field "Tab Name" enter a description. Paste the link from your clipboard into the the "URL" field.

Note that you might want to name the tab something unique that will help your team understand what the tab includes and help with using the Teams search function, for example "EVI Customer Support Results month & year".

9. Press "Save" and you are done! After a moment you will see the survey results in the channel view

Note that if you want the other Teams users to be able to change filters such as the date range when viewing the survey results then you need to enable "Freely selectable date range" then when selecting "Share Results" in the Feedbackly Dashboard.

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