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How to scan QR codes, add materials, captures and evidences

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Device management is available in our Business and Pro plans.


Create (set up) devices in the customer's location page, or you can scan them onsite. For more information about setting up new devices in a customer's account, see Setting up new devices (QR codes and barcodes).

Key Points

  • Tap Devices to scan or view devices in the account

  • Scanning existing devices brings you to the Device Inspection page

  • Scanning new devices brings you to the Add Device page

  • Filling out the Device Inspection page

To scan devices that have barcode or QR code labels attached, tap Devices.

You will see the number of devices added to this account, and in this Work Order, how many have been scanned and how many are unscanned. 

Tip To add a new barcode/QR code while you are onsite, tap the + Scan button at the bottom of the screen (as shown above).

To see the properties of the devices, tap View all. You will see the devices sorted by Un-checked (not scanned) and Checked (scanned). From here you can tap Scan to scan a device, tap the device to be scanned and enter the information manually, or tap < WO #nnnnn to return to the Work Order.

To scan the devices you already set up in the customer's account, tap Devices, tap + Scan

Your mobile device camera opens. Put the camera up to the barcode/QR code and hold it there for a second for the camera to take the picture. 

Device Inspection page

If the QR/bar code is already set up in the customer's account, the Device Inspection page appears.

Add Device page

If it is not in the account, the Add Device page appears. Enter information about the device. Tap Save in the upper right to go to the Device Inspection page.

More information about adding a device is below under the section Adding a new trap or replacing a QR Code.

Filling out the Device Inspection page

At the top of the Device Inspection page you’ll see the Device ID, barcode/QR code number and the time it was scanned. 

Tap Trap Condition and Bait Condition to enter those conditions. 

Tap Removed when the condition of the device is so bad that it no longer serves its purpose. 

Note When a device is removed its past history stays in the system.

Tap No Activity if the trap shows no sign of pest activity.

Tip More than 90% of the time you will have empty traps, i.e. No Activity. In these instances scan the QR/bar code and tap Save in the upper-right corner and move on to the next trap. The device will be saved with No Activity.

Tap Notes to add comments (up to 200 characters) about the device. 

Tap Add Material Usage to add any materials that are used in the trap. The process for this is identical to Material Use we went through earlier.

The list of materials appears. 

Tap a material to add it to the Work Order. In this example, tap Bedlam. The material you selected appears at the top of the page with the entries prepopulated from the entry in Settings/Materials. 

Tip To auto-populate Dilution Rate, Unit of Measure, Device, Method and Target Pest, see Auto-filling Material information in the mobile app

If the device captured a pest or there is evidence of a pest, tap Captured and enter the pest and quantity, tap Save. Tap Evidence to add the pest evidence and tap Save.

Note The Trap and Trend report only reports what's been captured and the evidences you enter. If you report no captures and no evidence (or enter no activity) the Trap and Trend report will be empty for this device for this day. 

Adding a new trap or replacing a QR Code

When you’re on site you might need to add additional traps or replace a QR code that no longer scans. 

To add a new device or replace a QR Code, tap Devices and tap + Scan. Scan the barcode/QR code and the Add Device screen appears. Add the information in the same manner as you do in the Online Portal. After you’ve added a barcode/QR code, proceed to adding information in the Device Inspection page.

Practice scanning with the QR codes below or on a bottle of aspirin, a bag of frozen peas, or a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum. 

You can print this portion of the page for scanning purposes or hold your mobile device up to the screen and scan it there. 

We sell QR codes for $10 a sheet, with 30 to a sheet. If you want to order some, email

To see how to set up new devices, see Setting up New Devices

To see how to view the scanned data, see Trap & Trend Report

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