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Device scanning and management is available in our Business and Pro subscription plans.

Note Anytime you make a change to something in Settings your techs must Reload Data in the mobile app to see those changes.

For more information about reloading data, see Mobile app does not show updated information


Devices are tools you use to catch pests. They include tin cats, snap traps, ILTs, and so on. You attach a barcode or QR code to each of these devices. When you’re on site, you just scan the device with our mobile app and add evidences, captures and the conditions you find in and about the trap. 

Key Points

Click the gear icon in the upper right of your ribbon bar to add/remove/update device attributes. (The gear icon is available to administrators only.)

Manage the following from the Device & Trap Settings column:

  • Bait Condition

  • Evidences

  • Device Area

  • Trap Types

  • Trap Condition

  1. To create a trap click the New Trap Type button in the upper right

  2. Add a trap type, material and default quantity

  3. When finished, click the green Create Trap Type button

Note The material and quantity will always be loaded in the mobile app for this type of trap. Enter the material and quantity if you're more than likely are going to add a material to the trap and want a shortcut. Otherwise, leave these two boxes empty.

  1. To create a condition click the New Trap Condition button in the upper right

  2. Add a trap condition, when finished, click the green Create Trap Condition button

  1. To create a bait condition click the New Bait Condition button in the upper right

  2. Add a bait condition, when finished, click the green Create Bait Condition button

  1. To create an evidence click the New Evidence button in the upper right

  2. Add an evidence, when finished, click the green Create Evidence button

  1. To create an area, click the New Device Area button in the upper right

  2. Add an area, such as Internal, External, or Area 51 and click the green Create Device Area button

Adding the Devices

You add devices to a customer’s Service Location page and they will be available in each Work Order you create for that customer. 

  1. From the Dashboard, click Customers

  2. Pick a customer and click the Go to Location button to the right of the customer’s name.

  3. Click Main Location, or if you changed the name of the location, click that.

  4. Click the Create a New… button near the top center of the page.

  5. Click Device

  6. The Add new device dialog box appears.

Each device has criteria about it that needs to be entered for proper device management.

  • Barcode: enter the barcode/QR code number

  • Device ID: For reporting reference, for example, if you have 10 ILTs, the Device ID can be ILT-001 INTERNAL, ILT-002 INTERNAL, ILT-003 INTERNAL, ILT-001 EXTERIOR, ILT-002 EXTERIOR, ILT-003 EXTERIOR and so forth

    Tip If you have more than 100 barcodes/qr codes for this location use three digits in your ID. Exterior 001, Exterior 002, etc.

  • Device Type: Click the drop-down list, and select the device type

  • Service Frequency: Enter how often you’ll visit this trap, weekly, monthly?

  • Building: Enter the building name or number

  • Floor: Enter the floor where this trap is going to be located

  • Location Details: Enter information about where to find this trap, for example, to the left of the emergency exit, behind the vending machine, and so forth

  • Notes: added from the mobile app

  • Device Area: Select the location or criteria for this trap

  • Click the Save button

Repeat these steps for all the devices at this location.

Note We sell QR codes for $10 a sheet, with 30 to a sheet. If you want to order some, email

To learn how to scan these devices in the mobile app, see: Mobile app - Devices

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