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Settings - Arrival Time Windows

Create a fixed arrival time window or a relative time window relative to the start time of the Work Order

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Create arrival windows for your customers so your tech's arrival expectation is a time range, not an exact time.

Key Points

Create arrival windows for your customers:

  • Auto-select from Fixed Time Windows, such as 8am to 10 am

  • Use default Relative Time Window, such as 30 minutes before and after scheduled time

  • Manual Time Window, such as 1 hour before and after scheduled time

Set the default Arrival Time Window type. This will be the default choice for each Work Order. You can override your selection later on any Work Order.

Auto-select from Fixed Time Windows

This time window creates arrival windows for your customers at a fixed (global) time frame across all Work Orders.

Fieldwork will auto-select the arrival time window from the options you create.

Note Fixed Time Windows cannot overlap. If a Work Order is scheduled to start outside of the available time windows you create, the Start Time will be used for the appointment time in lieu of an arrival window.

To create a fixed time window, click the + in the box.

Set the window Start and End times, typically a one-hour window (8am to 9am) or a two-hour window (8am to 10am) are used. However, you can also create a morning window and an afternoon window (8am to 12pm and 12pm to 5 pm) if that's applicable to your work flow, for example. Enter your times and click the Create Time window button. 

Create as many as will fill up your work hours, click the Edit button to change times, click the Garbage can to delete it. 

Use default Relative Time Window

A relative time window is specific to an individual Work Order. It creates a window of time around the scheduled time for each Work Order. Examples include: 30 minutes before, 30 minutes after. This means that if the actual Work Order time is 10:30am, the time window will be 30 minutes before 10:30 and 30 minutes after. 

To create a relative time window, click the + in the box.

Select the time before and the time after. Click the Default check box if this is to be the default selection for every Work Order. Click the Create Time window button.

Create as many windows as appropriate. 

Making the selection in the Work Order

Set a time window from a Work Order - Schedule tab.

Do not use Arrival Window for this Work Order
No arrival window will be used. Customer's appointment reminder and the technicians' calendars will show the time scheduled.

Auto-select from Fixed Time Windows
The fixed time window will automatically be selected based on the start time and where that fits in your Fixed Time Windows. If your time window is 8am to 12pm and your start time is 11:30am, the time window will be 8am to 12pm.

Select from Relative Time Windows
Pick the time window from the drop-down list.

Manual Time Window

Create a time window that best suits the technician's and customer's schedule. If the start time is changed, update the time window to reflect that change as a manual time window is not updated automatically. 

This is how Arrival Windows appear in the mobile app calendar:

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