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Settings - Calendar & Time

Configure your Calendar date and time settings

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Adjust how your Calendar appears through various settings along with setting Start and End times, and applying placeholders that define what customer information you see in the Calendar Work Order.

Key Points

  • Define how the Calendar functions to your preferences

  • Identify Customer information to appear in the Calendar Work Order


Your label selection identifies how you interact with your Calendar. 

  • On Click (Desktop) / Tap (Tablet): click the appointment to see the sidebar that contains the elements of that appointment

  • Hover for Desktop, Tap for Tablets: hover your mouse over the appointment to see the sidebar that contains the elements of that appointment.

In both instances tapping the appointment on a tablet device will bring out the sidebar. 

Caution Be careful with Hover for Desktop. Hovering also acts as a mouse click. This means when you hover over an appointment and then move your mouse the appointment moves with your mouse. When you hover, click the appointment (which acts as a release) before moving your mouse. 

Double Size Calendar

This sets the Calendar’s incremental time blocks. When cleared, the blocks are in half hour increments. When set, the increments are 15 minutes, which allows for more precise scheduling from within the Calendar. This is a global setting, every user will see the Calendar as it is set here. 

Hide month leading and trailing days

When set, this will hide appointments in the Calendar for previous and following months. The example below hides March 28 through March 31 when this setting is selected.

Display customer preference on Calendar 

The customer can have a preference as to when you visit. It can be a day preference or a time preference. In the calendar, when you click the appointment, the Work Order detail dialog box appears from the right and will show the preference.

Disable ALL popup reminders in Calendar

When disabled and you move a confirmed appointment you will not see a popup notifying you that the appointment has been confirmed.

Start Time - End Time

These are the start and end times as they will appear in your Calendar. If you set it as 8AM and 5PM you won’t see 12AM to 8AM and 5PM to midnight on your Calendar.

Note If you schedule an appointment outside of the Start and End times you won’t see it on the Calendar.

Show location name instead of customer on schedule and work pool

You can set six different location fields instead of the just the customer’s name in the calendar and in the mobile app. This is a setting to use if you don’t want your tech’s to see the customer’s name. Or if the customer has multiple locations and you need to distinguish one location from another.

Select any combination of Zip, City, Address, Location Name, Customer name, and Account Number.

Click the appropriate buttons to place it in the Location Name Template box. Note that if a location name is Main Location then that will not appear in the Calendar.

Tip Put a space between each entry so the entries won’t run into each other. 

If you select Address, City, and Zip, the Calendar goes from showing the customer’s name to showing their address, city and zip.

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