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Payments - getting started
Payments - getting started

How to apply payments from your customers to their open invoices

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Payments are applied to open Invoices. A Payment can pay one Invoice or multiple Invoices. The Close Date of a Payment is when the money 'hits' the bank. You can close it the same day as the Payment or wait until the end of the week for when you take cash and checks to the bank.

Key Points

Add a Payment from several locations

  • From the Invoice tab

  • From within an Invoice

  • From Create a new... Payment

  • From the Dashboard > Sales > Payments

  • View all Payments received in Reports > Income

From the Invoice tab

  1. From the Dashboard, click Customers

  2. Find the customer who is making the payment and double-click the name

  3. Click the Invoices tab

  4. Find the invoice to pay

  5. Click the down arrow next to the Edit button, click Pay

Here's the "Edit button, click Pay" zoomed in:

The New Payment dialog box appears. Note No matter which method you use to make a Payment the New Payment dialog box will be the same.

Along the top of the dialog box you'll see the customer's name and account number, and the Balance due on the account.

   6. Enter the Date of the payment, this is the date you received the payment
   7. Enter the Closed Date if you manually close payments, this is the date of deposit
      (if you automatically close payments the Closed Date does not appear) 

   8. Enter the method of payment (cash, check...) 


       If the customer has a credit card on file, select the card, which will be at the
       bottom of the drop-down list. This will charge the customer's credit card. If you
       select Credit Card, the card on file will not be charged. Credit card is used to
       apply a payment when you use a credit card service other than Stripe.

Tip To reduce the number of payment methods in this drop-down list, see Settings - Payment Methods

   9. Enter the amount
  10. For Reference # or Receipt #
       To help track this payment, type in the date and the customer number or check
       number, such as 06-04-17 check #123
  11. If you are paying multiple invoices with one payment, click Distribute Payment
      and the payment will be distributed across several invoices (as many as the
      payment allows)  

Note The Unapplied amount to the right of the Amount box (1650.00). If this payment is paying an individual invoice you must type that amount in the amount box to the right of the invoice this is paying. When you do, the unapplied amount goes to $0.00.

   12. Click Save & Apply

From within an Invoice

Edit the Invoice and in the bottom right click the Add Payment button and proceed as above starting with Step 6.

From Create a new... Payment

  1. Open the customer’s account

  2. Click the down arrow in Create a new…

  3. Click Payment

   4. The New Payment dialog box appears, proceed as above starting with Step 6.

From the Dashboard > Sales > Payments

Click the New Payment button in the upper right.

Enter the customer's name in the Choose a Customer... box, and proceed as above starting with Step 6.

View all Payments received in Reports > Income

Go to Reports > Income to view Payments received. Use the Add Filter button to narrow your search.

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