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Auto Pay invoices and take credit card payments on our mobile app through Stripe

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Currently, Stripe is the only credit card payment integrated with Fieldwork. You can use another credit card processor; however, it will not integrate into Fieldwork auto-pay, point-of-service, or customer portal payment options.

Key Points

  • Apply for a Stripe account at Settings/CC Payments (Stripe)

  • Have the following information with you before applying:
    Your bank's routing number
    Your bank account number
    Your website or Facebook page url

  • Add a credit card to a customer's account

  • Automate payments with AutoPay

  • Collect payments through the mobile app

  • Allow the customer to pay Invoices in the Online Portal

  • What to do when Stripe declines a card

  • Contacting Stripe Customer Support

When you open a Stripe account, you have the following features in Fieldwork:

  1. Mobile app credit card scanning and POS transactions

  2. Store more than one credit card on each customer account

  3. Set up accounts for Auto-Pay when new invoices are generated

  4. Set up account for Auto-Pay on monthly, quarterly and annual basis

  5. Online payment through the Customer Portal

You can collect credit card payments through Fieldwork when you set up a Stripe account, and the customer can also pay online through your service portal. 

It takes less than five minutes to create a Stripe account, if you haven’t already done so.

You will be asked for many pieces of information. Before applying know your bank's routing number, your bank account number and your website or Facebook page url. Most likely this is the only information you won't know of the top of your head. So have it with you when you apply.

To set up a Stripe account:

  1. From the Dashboard, click the Settings gear icon

  2. Click CC Payments (Stripe)

  3. Click Connect Stripe Account

  4. You will go to the Stripe account setup page where you will enter the following:

  • Where are you based?

  • Tell us about your business

  • Account details

  • Personal details

  • Credit Card statement details

  • Bank details

  • Save your Stripe account

After you connect through Stripe you’ll be able to:

  • Add a customer credit card to an account

  • Create an Auto Pay to automatically pay invoices as they are created

  • Collect credit card payments from the mobile app

  • Allow the customer to pay online through your service portal

Tip Once you have your Stripe account set up, hide the Credit Card payment method so your employees will always select the credit card on file. More information is available at Settings - Payment Methods.

Add a customer credit card to an account

From a customer’s billing page click the Credit Card tab.

Without a Stripe connection, you'll see the following:

With a Stripe connection, you'll see the following.

Enter the credit card information. When you click the Save button the information is encrypted and goes to a third-party credit card warehouse. We do not store the information on our servers and the information appears as below. If there is more than one credit card in the account you can set a card to be the Primary card, just ask the customer which card to use. 

Create Auto Pay to Automatically Pay Invoices as They are Created

If a customer doesn’t want to be bothered with paying invoices, create an Auto Pay automation to automatically pay invoices as they are created.

  1. From a customer’s billing page click the Edit button

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to Automation Type

  3. Click the drop-down list box and select Auto Pay New Invoices

  4. Click the Add a New Card button

  5. Click the credit card on file

  6. Click Save in the upper-right corner

The saved card appears in the billing page and will also be in the Credit Card tab in the customer’s account. If there is more than one credit card on file click the down arrow in the credit card drop-down field.

Collect credit card payments from the mobile app

When the customer has a credit card on file, it will look something like, VISA EXP 07/2019 *9876 in the mobile app. You want to tap that to charge that card. Do not select Credit Card as that will not charge the customer’s credit card on file. 

Allow the customer to pay online

In the Open Invoices section of the Dashboard, the customer clicks the View & Pay button to the right of an invoice, the Invoice page appears with the option to print or pay the invoice by PayPal or with an uploaded credit card. 

When Stripe declines a card

Stripe requires an email address for your customer - their system is set up to email your customer a receipt after the charge. If your customer doesn't have an email address in their Fieldwork account Stripe will decline the charge. To work around this limitation, put in your company email in and the charge will go through.

If the customer's card is declined for an unknown reason:

  1. Log in to your Stripe account 

  2. Look up the customer by their email address

  3. Look at the transaction, the status and a reason for the decline (error code) 

For more information about Stripe Error Codes see Stripe Payment Error Codes

Contacting Stripe Customer Support

If you want to contact Stripe for assistance, go to: In the lower right you can start a chat by clicking Contact Support. You will need to log in to your Stripe account to start the chat.

To learn more about Stripe, please go to

Also, watch this video for using Stripe in the mobile app.

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