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Work Orders - Hide Pricing
Work Orders - Hide Pricing

Hides the invoice price (& payment) in the mobile app & on the PDF service report

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When [x] Hide pricing information on work order is selected in a Work Order, the technician will not be able to see prices, add a service line to the Work Order, or enter a payment for the service in the mobile app -- those actions would allow the tech to see the pricing information.

Key Point

  • Hide pricing in a Work Order

To hide pricing on individual Work Orders:

  1. Edit the Work Order, or if it's a series, click Edit Series from inside the Work Order

  2. Click the check box [x] Hide pricing information on work order (It's at the bottom right under Production Value)

  3. Click Save

Note: There is a global setting to hide the pricing on all of your newly created Work Orders. This does not update existing work order or work order series. For more information about it, please see: Hide invoice information for new Work Orders by default


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