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How do I Sync the FIGJAM App?
How do I Sync the FIGJAM App?

Synchronizing the data across the app and database

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In order for the FIGJAM App and database to maintain data integrity, regular syncs between the two end points are required. This ensures information across the entire platform is uniform, up-to-date and accurate.

Basically, a sync ensures any information that exists on the Application is pushed through to the Web Portal/Database and any information on the Web Portal/Database is pushed to the Application. 

How to Sync:

  1. The FIGJAM application will automatically sync with the database when ever it connects to WiFi.

  2. A device user manually syncs the app, as shown below:


When is a Sync Needed?

  1. All administration work is completed on the Management Portal. This can be anything from adding new customers, products or updating existing data. For any changes to display within the app, an app sync will need to occur. 

  2. A device user is able to work offline in FIGJAM - once their device is connected to data/WiFi a sync will upload any pending jobs and ensure their jobs are captured by the database.

  3. It is the first call to action if there is any issue with the app/bugs encountered, for example Stuck/Pending Jobs.

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