Do your client's ad hoc email requests sometimes get lost and forgotten in your inbox? It can be tough to keep track of ad hoc client requests when you have hundreds of emails flowing into your inbox every day.

Financial Cents solves this problem by allowing you to turn the ad hoc email requests into projects so you can keep track of them in your workflow dashboard.

All you have to do is forward it to Then next time you log into Financial Cents it will be at the top of your workflow dashboard.

We also store all the information from the email in the project so you have everything you need to get the work done.

  • The subject line of the email - which will be the project's name

  • The attachments and conversations from the email will be store inside the project

*** Important Note *** - You have to send it from the email you signed up to Financial Cents with for it to work

Check out the video above to see this feature in action.

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