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How to upgrade to the premium plan
How to upgrade to the premium plan

❤️ Ready for more features? Activate your premium account today!

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Just joined First Draft Pro? Awesome, welcome aboard! Your new account comes with access to our basic features, but if you’re itching to unlock the full power of First Draft Pro, upgrading to a premium account is a breeze.

Plus, you’ll be supporting us in bringing you even more cool features!

What You’ll Get with Premium

How to Activate Your Premium Account

1. Hover Over Your Profile Picture: This will bring up the account menu.

2. Select "Subscription Settings": You’ll find all your subscription details here.

3. Choose "Edit Subscription"

4. Click "Change"

5. Switch Plans: Start by changing from the Free plan to the Premium plan.

2. Choose Your Billing Cycle: Opt for monthly billing or save 20% with annual billing.

3. Add a Payment Method: To activate your subscription, just add your preferred payment method.

🎁 Do you have a discount code? That's awesome. Here's how to reedeem your discount voucher.

Thanks for your support! 🎉

That’s all there is to it! You’re now ready to enjoy the full suite of First Draft Pro features. Happy writing, and thanks for your support! ❤️

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