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Working offline
Working offline

🌴Work from anywhere, at any time with offline editing.

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It's important to us that you can continue writing even if your internet connection goes through a little wobble, or you don't have Wi-Fi access right now.

Offline mode can be activated either automatically or manually:

  • First Draft Pro can detect when your connection drops, and will automatically switch into offline mode. If your connection stabilises, it will automatically go back online.

  • You can manually switch to offline mode.

Going offline manually

Use the toggle at the bottom right of your screen to switch between editing online and offline.

How does it work?

In offline mode, you have access to all your projects and can write and make changes to chapter cards, scene cards, notes and your manuscript.

You don't have access to collaboration features while you're offline. That means, you can't see changes that a collaborator is making on your document, and you can't leave comments.

While you're offline, your changes are saved locally (ie: on your computer). As soon as you go online again, First Draft Pro will sync your changes to the cloud.

If a collaborator has edited the same section as you while you were offline, you might overwrite their changes when you come back online again - we'll warn you in advance if this might happen.

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