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Change the colour of scene cards
Change the colour of scene cards

🎨 How to change the colour of scene cards so that you can differentiate between plotlines, points of view, character arcs and more

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Changing the scene cards' colour can help you better organize and visualize different aspects of your writing project. By changing the colour of scene cards, you can easily differentiate between various plotlines, character arcs, points of view, locations, and more.

Benefits of Changing Scene Card Colors

Using different colours for scene cards can enhance your writing experience in several ways:

1. Visual Organization: Color-coded scene cards can help you visually organize and distinguish different parts of your story at a glance.

2. Increased Efficiency: Quickly identifying different elements of your story through colour coding can speed up your navigation and editing process.

3. Enhanced Creativity: The visual appeal of colour-coded scene cards can stimulate creativity and make writing more enjoyable.

After updating the colour of a scene card, you will see the change reflected in four different locations:

1. On the card in the Chapter Outline.

2. On the card in the Plot Outline.

3. On the scene marker in the left file navigation menu.

4. On the edge of each scene prompt in the Scene tab within your manuscript view.

Changing the Colour of Scene Cards

Here’s how to change the colour of a scene card in First Draft Pro:

1. Navigate to the Chapter or Plot Outline: Start by opening your project and navigating to either the Chapter Outline or the Plot Outline.

2. Pick a Card: Locate the scene card you wish to change the colour of. You will see three dots on the top right of the scene card. Click on these dots to access additional options for the scene card.

3. Select the Colour Change Option: Select the “Colour Change” option from the menu that appears. This will open a colour palette.

4. Choose a Colour: Pick a colour from the palette. As soon as you select a colour, the scene card will be updated with the new colour.

Remember, you can change the colour of a scene card as many times as you need, so feel free to experiment and find the combination that works best for your project.

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