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How to send debugging information to the First Draft Pro team
How to send debugging information to the First Draft Pro team

πŸ› Help us figure out what's going wrong when you find a bug in First Draft Pro.

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We love hearing your feedback and especially love when you help us find a bug (because this helps us make First Draft Pro the best it can be).

Sometimes, though, we may struggle to reproduce a bug that you've found. In these cases, we might need you to send some additional information to us to help us pinpoint what's going wrong.

To help you do this, there is a debugging tool installed in First Draft Pro that helps us see more about what's going on. It's turned off by default because it can slow the app down.

How to turn on debug mode

You can turn debug mode on for one session by adding ?debug=true to the end of the URL where you're seeing the bug.

For example:

Once you've done that, you will need to hit enter twice to refresh your session. Debug mode will only initiate once you start a new session.

We are currently looking into a solution that makes it easier for you to confirm whether you are in debugging mode. We know that this is a bit difficult to see at the moment – we're sorry about that.

How to send debugging information

Once you're in debugging mode, perform the steps that produce the bug for you.

You don't have to do anything else, once you've performed those steps and you see the bug happening, we will automatically receive more detailed information about what's happening when you see this bug.

Adding ?debug=true won't fix the bug, it will just send us additional information that helps us figure out what's going on.

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