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What happens to your data when you use AI features?
What happens to your data when you use AI features?

πŸ€– Understand what happens to your data when you use AI tools in First Draft Pro.

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Our approach to AI integration

We're committed to integrating AI into First Draft Pro thoughtfully and responsibly. Our approach to integrating this technology into our app is guided by the following principles:

  • Always visible, never hidden.

  • Always opt-in, never default.

  • Always assistive, never creative.

You can read more about our AI philosophy on our website.

What underlying AI technology are we using?

We're using OpenAI's models to power First Draft Pro's AI features.

In terms of how we currently make use of AI for summarization and meta-analysis, we use custom OpenAI prompts for:

  • Analyzing project genre & sub-genres

  • Generating project, chapter and scene synopses/summaries

  • Generating scene titles (+ chapter titles when not present)

This list was last updated on 15/09/2023. We'll update this list as we grow this feature set.

If you use AI features, what happens to your data?

This is an important question, especially for writers. It is very important to us that your writing is secure in First Draft Pro, and that you have no concerns that any of your work is being used to train AI models without your permission.

Because we use the OpenAI API, our usage falls under thier Enterprise Privacy policy. While you should feel free to review their policy in full, the key takeaway is β€œWe [OpenAI] do not train on your business data, and our models don’t learn from your usage.”

To be 100% clear about what is happening to your data:

  • If you use any of the AI features in First Draft Pro, your data will be sent to and processed by OpenAI in order to perform that action.

  • BUT: OpenAI will not use that data to train their AI model.

Of course, this does require you to trust OpenAI. At First Draft Pro we have this trust, but we also understand that everyone has different opinions. That is why no data is sent to OpenAI automatically / without being explicitly requested by you (ie: you turn on the AI toggle during import & request that we perform auto-summarization of your scenes).

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