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⚔️ Nanowrimo Day 13: Battle 1's last push
⚔️ Nanowrimo Day 13: Battle 1's last push

What to write for NaNoWriMo today, based on the classic 3-act story structure.

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This week, you're taking your characters from their decision to go after their external goal, to the highest point in the story.

What to write today​

Today, you're writing the last bit of battle 1. Remember, your protagonists will overcome this and end on a high [20,000–21,671 words]:

  • Battle 1 – This is the last push your protagonist and friends do before they finally overcome the first series of obstacles and challenges.

  • Give a small nod towards the sub-plot, so that your readers don't lose sight of it

Want a different sort of prompt? Subvert a common stereotype for one of your characters. ✌️

Update your running editorial note

At the end of the day make a note of any off-course deviations, potential inconsistencies, areas to research further, or moments of inspiration to revisit when you edit in December/January.

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