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⚠️ Nanowrimo Day 16: Downhill from here
⚠️ Nanowrimo Day 16: Downhill from here

What to write for NaNoWriMo today, based on the classic 3-act story structure.

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For the next 7 days, you're taking your characters from that high point, all the way into the depths of their misery. The tree is on fire. The turkey is on fire. Everything is on fire.

What to write today​

Today, you're just starting to close in on your protagonist [25,000–26,672 words]:

  • Introduce your second plot point. This is the next big thing that your protagonist will have to overcome. It should be bigger than the rising action event at the start of Act 2. This is the event that will push your protagonist towards Battle 2/Confrontation 2.

  • This event should also be unsettling for your protagonist. They are no longer so sure they will reach their external goal.

  • Your protagonist's focus is now on preparing to fight this next battle.

Want a different sort of prompt? Write a scene that takes place in either intense heat or intense cold. 🥶

Update your running editorial note

At the end of the day make a note of any off-course deviations, potential inconsistencies, areas to research further, or moments of inspiration to revisit when you edit in December/January.

More resources

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