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How to start a NaNoWriMo project from a template
How to start a NaNoWriMo project from a template

🛡️ Kick off your NaNoWriMo journey with a structured template

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Our NaNoWriMo template is designed to guide you through the 50,000-word novel journey, day by day, using the tried-and-true three-act structure. This is an especially handy tool for first-timers or anyone looking to streamline their writing process.

Using the NaNoWriMo Template

  1. Select the Template: Click on the "Add Project" button, choose the NaNoWriMo template option from the drop down.

  2. Explore the Breakdown: Inside the template, you’ll find each day’s writing goals laid out with specific word counts.

  3. Follow the Structure: We’ve aligned the prompts with the three-act structure to keep your storytelling on track.

  4. Dive into the Manuscript: In the manuscript view, you’ll also find notes corresponding to each day’s goals.

Additional Support

  • Check the Help Section: For more guidance, our NaNoWriMo guide is just a click away in the help section.

  • Utilize Resources: We’ve compiled a list of resources in the guide to help you nail each section of your novel.

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