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Why switch to the "Firestarter" Plan?
Why switch to the "Firestarter" Plan?

Managing your growing project and expanding it further.

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The Firestarter plan gives you the ability to scale your project

Activate locales to reach your global audience, multi environments for added support, additional CMS users to build your content hub, and webhooks to trigger essential events.

1. Permissions and Roles:

With this feature you will have the ability to on-board multiple team members.
The aim is to have full control over your projects and environments by setting your permissions on who is able to do what with your content.

Create Roles to enable safe publishing, while preventing unauthorised changes. Read more on Permissions and Roles here.

2. Multiple Languages:
Serve up different languages instead of loading up a brand new project in Firebase for each one. Link your locale with a specific environment.

3. Schemas:
Create more Schemas to manage your content types. Your application divisions are complemented by well created Schemas. Read more on completing Schemas here.

4. Webhooks:
Activate a Webhook for your app to send an automated message or information to another app when something happens. The Webhook can push the data to each other and not waste their time checking and waiting for events to come through.

For example, webhooks can be used to handle emails, text, payments, files and documents.

If you have any other question regarding the Firestarter plan, please let us know.

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