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How do I enable my disabled account?
How do I enable my disabled account?

What to do when your project is deactivated

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Flamelink projects can be deactivated for a number of reasons, the main being non-payment for one of the paid plans. This does not mean that if something goes wrong with your credit card that your project will immediately be deactivated. We will attempt to recover any outstanding payments over a number of days after which, if the payment is still failing, your project is deactivated.

When a project is deactivated, it is not possible to manage its content via the Flamelink app. Deactivation of a project does not affect Firebase in any way so it would still be possible to access your content from your app or website.

If your project is deactivated because of non-payment, you can simply log into the Flamelink app and settle any outstanding amounts from the billing section for the particular project. Once all outstanding amounts are paid, the project will be reactivated.

Some of the possible reasons for the payment failure can be that the default card associated with your project has expired, there are insufficient funds in your account, your bank does not allow e-service subscriptions or the transaction is blocked for suspected fraud.

Steps to enable your project

Log into the Flamelink app and click the "Manage Project" link on the deactivated project's card:

From the project's billing page, ensure that you have a default card associated with your project and that the details are correct.

Once you've ensured that a valid default card is linked to the project, you can settle the outstanding payments by clicking the "SETTLE OUTSTANDING PAYMENT" button.

If the payment succeeds, your project should now be reactivated.
If you have any billing specific questions, please contact us via email or join our Slack community.

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