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What's the difference between CMS users and Project users?
What's the difference between CMS users and Project users?

Think of CMS users as being Flamelink Users with the ability to manage your project’s content and Project Users as all other Firebase Users

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CMS (Content Management System) Users

A CMS user has an account with Flamelink and can have multiple Firebase projects linked to their account.
When you create an account for yourself and add a new project, you are automatically the owner of the project. You, as the owner, can invite other users to collaborate with you on your project.  

You and every user you invite are CMS users. They will have access, according to the permissions you have set, to the project to manage content.

If you make them Owners, they can manage other CMS users, manage project details, and also change billing information - they will have the same access level as you. 

How to invite other CMS Users to your project

First, log into Flamelink and select "CMS Users" from the additional options (3 vertical dots) on your project card.

You will be redirected to the Manage Users page. Click "Add User" at the top right of your screen and log into your project.
On the Add New CMS User pop-up, enter the name and email address of the person you would like to invite to the project. Enable the User by selecting the Enable toggle and if you want to make the User an Owner, select the Owner toggle. Otherwise, leave the toggle unselected.  

Now click "Add User". You will see a Success notification and the new user will be in your User list.

Note: The User type will be "Pending" until the other user accepts your invitation, then it will change to "Owner" or "User" depending on your selection. 

An email invitation will be sent. If the user already has a Flamelink account, the project will be added to their account. If not, once registered with Flamelink and logged in the project will be added to their account. They can select to either Accept or Decline the invitation on the project card on the dashboard.

After setting a password for the project they can access the project.

In short, each Flamelink user has one login for Flamelink itself. Then they have to log into each project with the authorization credentials as it exists within the Firebase Authentication section of each particular project.

Project Users (non-CMS users)

They exist within you Firebase project. These are the users in your app or website and are not necessarily linked to Flamelink, unless they are CMS users as well.

Purpose of Project Users

The main reason we created the Users section within the project content is so that we can soon give you the ability to query a list of your project users using our SDK’s. It is currently not possible to query for a list of Firebase Auth user’s using Firebase’s client-side SDK and is something that we’ve found lacking.

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