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How to change subscription plans & add-ons
How to change subscription plans & add-ons

How to change your subscription plan & add-ons for your Flamelink project.

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Flamelink offers a variety of subscription plans to best suit your needs. This allows you to choose the tier and add-ons you need as your business/online presence grows.


In order to change the subscription plan or add-ons, you are required to be an OWNER of the project.

How to change your subscription plan

Step 1 - Navigate to the billing section for your project

Select the context menu for your project

Select "Manage Project"

Select the "Billing" tab & select "Change Plan"

Step 2 - Select your plan & add-ons

Select your plan and click "NEXT"

Select the add-ons required and click "NEXT"

Note: Add-ons are only available for paid subscriptions

Step 3 - Confirm your details
Note: If you are upgrading from a free plan to a paid plan,

Ensure the details provided is correct and click "CONFIRM"

Once you have successfully completed the steps you should be presented with the following screen. Select "FINISH" to continue to your project.

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