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Create proposed projects to explore the impact
Create proposed projects to explore the impact

As an agency, planning your cash flow based on your expected projects is important.

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Let's start by adding one of your proposed projects to your Float account. This could be a project that you haven't received approval for yet and is currently in your sales pipeline.

Adding your proposed projects to the cash flow forecast lets you estimate when the cash will come in. This is particularly useful for agencies, as you can predict the cash flow from each project and ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover any costs associated with each project.

To add a proposed project, head over to the main company cash flow tab and click on the plus button located to the right of 'Proposed' in the projects section. Here, you can provide more details about the project, such as its name, description, and relevant dates.

Once you've created the project, the next step is to create placeholders for the anticipated income and costs associated with this project.

⚡️Here's the fun bit - once created you can toggle the proposed project on and off to see the impact of winning or losing the project.

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