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External Vendor Communication Overview
External Vendor Communication Overview

Communicating with 3rd party vendors within FlowPath

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2. Select the work order in reference to the specific vendor.

3. You can assign a vendor within the work order under the "Assigned Vendor" tag.

4. Select the vendor from your drop down list. As long as you have the contact information for the selected vendor, you can send a text and email notification of them being assigned to the work order via link.

5. If you do not have vendor contact information uploaded, then you can still send them a unique work order URL link. Click "View Public Page" under actions.

6. The vendor would use the link to enter their valid email and phone number to see the information within the work order.

7. Vendor would then click "Submit"

8. The vendor would then be able to see the work order information with details and descriptions, along with any other information relevant.

9. They vendor would be able to communicate as well by submitting comments within the work order, even being able to tag users.

10. The vendor can also enter estimates and invoices for the work order, along with any attachments if necessary.

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