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Assigning Vendors To A Work Order
Assigning Vendors To A Work Order

Learn how to assign 3rd party vendors to a work order

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2. Click into the work order that needs a Vendor assigned.

3. Click the edit icon for ASSIGNED VENDOR

4. Select the vendor that you want to assign. The vendor will get an email, or if enabled, a text message that they have been assigned to a work order.

5. You can even enter the invoice from the vendor into the work order. Click "Enter Estimate"

6. Quickly enter the ID, description, cost and image of the invoice and submit estimate for the vendor on the work order.

7. If you need, you can also enter it manually by clicking "Enter Manual Invoice"

8. Fill in the fields for the manual invoice.

9. Click "Add Line Item" to add more than one line item for the invoice.

10. Check the box to confirm its all information is for the vendor and then click "Submit"

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