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Vendor Portal Invitations
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You can connect to the vendor portal in 2 ways:

  • Vendors can invite a client to use FlowPath CMMS

  • FlowPath CMMS users can invite a vendor to connect their vendor portal

How to Invite a Client (For Vendors)

Have a client who already uses FlowPath?

Invite your clients to connect to your vendor portal if they use FlowPath.

On your left hand navigation select "Clients". Copy your unique invite link and share it with your client.

This link will take your client to an invitation page where they can sign into their FlowPath CMMS instance.

Once accepted, this will connect the vendor invitation owner instance to the client CMMS vendor profile.

โ€‹How to Invite A Vendor (For FlowPath CMMS users)

Regardless if the vendor has a vendor portal account already or not, this will prompt whoever receives this email to signup or just automatically connect to the FlowPath CMMS user account.

You can send a vendor invitation by going to Contacts > Vendors and opening up an existing Vendor Profile. At the bottom of the vendor profile click "Invite Vendor To Connect".

The vendor will receive an invitation via email (below).

Once the vendor clicks the 'Accept Invitation' button they will be prompted to connect automatically or be prompted to sign up.

Once connected you will be visible to the Vendor in the Vendor Portal as a client.

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