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Edit Checklist Template
Edit Checklist Template

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to edit a checklist template.

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2. Click "PM Schedules"

3. Click this icon.

4. Click "Create Checklist template"

5. Click "Select Checklist Template"

6. Select the template you need to edit.

7. Click the "Add New Checklist Item" field and type a new checklist item that may be needed to the template.

8. Type "Secure bolts"

9. Click "Add"

10. To rearrange the items in the list, simple click and drag.

11. To remove an item from the checklist, click the x icon.

12. If you need to delete a whole template, select the template under your current check list templates.

13. Click "Delete Selected Template"

14. Click "Delete Selected Template"

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