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Adding Meter Readings to Equipment
Adding Meter Readings to Equipment

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to add a meter reading to equipment.

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Download PDF โ†’ MeterReadingtoEquipment.pdf

2. Click "Equipment"

3. Select the equipment that you want to add a meter reading for.

4. Toggle on "Is Metered"

5. Click "Add Meter Reading"

6. Click "Select Unit"

7. Click your desired unit of measure.

8. Click the "Current reading" field and add manually.

9. Click the "Entry Date" field and enter the date of the meter reading.

10. You can also select a calendar view to edit the date and time of the meter reading.

11. Click the "# Duration Days" field and add the number of days accumulated for the reading.

12. Click the "Cost" field to add in manualy your total cost of reading.

13. Click "Submit"

14. The meter reading will show up under the section within that equipment.

15. You can sort through multiple meter readings for a piece of equipment by any of the columns you have set.

16. If you need to delete a meter reading for any reason click the trash can icon.

17. Click "Delete"

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