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Inventory: Out of Stock & Estimated Missed Sales
Inventory: Out of Stock & Estimated Missed Sales

Understand how missed sales is calculated for your out of stock products

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Flywheel is connected to your merchant accounts and receives updates throughout the day of your current FBA/WFS inventory levels. This card highlights the products with 0 inventory, ordered by the highest estimated missed sales based on your most current rate of sale, the amount of days an item has been out of stock, and its last known list price.

Out of Stock & Est Missed Sales - Watch Video

Notifications & Alerts

If notifications are enabled, you will receive an email notification for a product only once, but any new products that become out of stock in subsequent days will be visible on the next alert. If you have no new items out of stock, there will be no email. Review the card via the email alert button, or from the dashboard, where items will remain visible for 90 days or until the item is restocked at the merchant.

Advertising Impact

When a product is out of stock, any associated Ad Groups will no longer advertise the inactive out of stock product. Campaigns with a product that has more Ad sales attributed to the out of stock item will be impacted. It is important to review allocation of spending when a higher spending / selling product is no longer available.

If a product was advertised, but the campaign has no other actively advertised products associated; these campaigns are automatically paused and are visible in Ads Manager.

Estimated Missed Sales Calculation

When your product was in stock, a Rate of Sale was calculated - using that value multiplied by how many days out of stock and the last known list price is the individual item's missed sales value.

For example, at $155.16, the Ski Glove out of stock for 77 days was selling about 0.83/day

0.83 x 77 x $155.16 = estimated missed opportunity of $3,863.48

Proactive Options

Ideally, customized settings for products approaching out of stock are set up for alerts (See Insights: Stockout / Reorder) and reviewing the Demand forecast will help mitigate potential future stockouts.

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