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Inventory: Unsold Inventory in L90 Days / Excess Stock
Inventory: Unsold Inventory in L90 Days / Excess Stock

What does it mean to have Excess stock?

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Flywheel is connected to your merchant accounts and receives updates throughout the day of your current FBA/WFS inventory levels - merchants will charge additional long term storage fees when inventory isn’t moving. Note that Amazon assesses long term storage fees at 181+ days and Walmart at 365 days.

This snapshot looks at excess inventory to highlight products that have sold no inventory in the past 90 days. Note: any new to market items with no sales will also appear in this query. Use this card to look at sales trends and think about associated advertising campaigns or possible liquidation to move stale inventory.

Unsold Inventory L90d - Watch Video

If notifications are enabled, you will receive an email notification for a specific product only once, but any new products that meet 90 days with no sales in subsequent days will be visible on the next alert. If you have no new items, there will be no email. Review the card via the email alert button, or from the dashboard, where items will remain visible until there is a sale or the item is marked inactive.

If you would like to create a custom calculation to dive into specific Rate of Sale levels (see Custom Insight: Rate of Sale) or review specific days of inventory breakdown (see Demand Forecast)

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