Below is a list of common alerts you may encounter when trying to log in:

"The provided details don't seem to be correct"

This alert appears if you have entered an incorrect email address and/or password.

How to fix:

Check the email address is the one used to create the account, and the password has been entered correctly. If you continue to see the message, try resetting your password by clicking the "Forgotten Password" link and following the instructions.

"Your login has been temporarily disabled"

This alert appears when you have attempted to log in too many times with incorrect details.

How to fix:

For this alert you need to wait 5 minutes before attempting to login again. It is only a temporary lock. You will be able to try again once 5 minutes has passed.

Important: If you try to login again before the 5 minute period has finished, it will reset for another 5 minutes. Please ensure you wait the full period before trying again.

"Your session has expired."

How to fix:

Simply enter your details again and click Log In

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