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Troubleshooting login issues
Troubleshooting login issues

Common error messages you may encounter when trying to log in

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Please check you are using the correct email and password

This alert appears if you have entered an incorrect email address and/or password.

How to fix:

Check that your password has been entered correctly and that your email address is the one used to create your online account.

If you continue to receive this message, try resetting your password by clicking the Forgotten Password? link and follow the instructions here.

This is not a correct email format

Your email address is correct, however the alert says your email is not a correct format.

How to fix:

Check the beginning and end of your email address for empty spaces, then delete them and try logging in again.

Empty spaces are invisible so you may not see them initially. The image above highlights in yellow where empty spaces usually occur.

Your login has been temporarily disabled

This alert appears when you have attempted to log in too many times with incorrect details.

How to fix:

For this alert, you will need to wait five minutes before attempting to log in again.

It is only a temporary lock, so you will be able to log in again once the five minutes has passed.

Please note: If you try to log in again before the five-minute period has ended, it will reset for another five minutes. Please ensure you wait the full five minutes before trying to log in again.

Your account is awaiting confirmation. Resend confirmation code

This alert appears if you have tried to log in before confirming your email address.

How to fix:

Please check that your verification email (which comes from email address: hasn't gone directly into your spam or junk folder. To verify your email address, follow these instructions.

If the link in your verification email has expired, please contact us to get another one sent sent to you.

Your session has expired

How to fix:

Refresh your web browser, re-enter your login details and click Log In.

Please contact us at:, if you are still having trouble logging in to your online account.

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