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How do I sign up for the Massachusetts real estate test?
How do I sign up for the Massachusetts real estate test?

All of the steps to sign up for the exam with PSI.

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NOTE: You must apply to take the exam before signing up on PSI's website.

PSI requires you to apply to take the exam before signing up. This means that you will need to complete all of their paperwork (CORI form, references, etc.), send it to them via email, and only after PSI does a review of the paperwork and runs a CORI check will you be approved to take the test.

Don't forget to read through the candidate handbook before the test, and to email all of the required materials to PSI!

To sign up for the MA real estate test, please visit PSI's website at and follow these steps:

1- Click on sign up on the bottom right-hand corner

2- Create an account with PSI

3- After you submit the form, you will get a message that your account was created successfully. Click on “Login to Continue”.

4- Select your examination

5- Enter your personal information

6- Enter your payment information

7- Now select if you want to test at a PSI test center or from a computer at a remote location

8- Once you have selected how you want to take your licensing test, enter the “City or Postal Code” and select “Preferred Month” to take the Exam. Then select “Search Exam Center”.

9- Now click on the preferred test site

10- And lastly, select a date and time

You should receive a confirmation email with all the details!

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