Under Massachusetts regulations, on-demand classes taken when a live instructor is online and available for real-time interaction count as live class time. This means that you can take any on-demand class during these sessions and they will count towards your live class requirements because an instructor is online and available for realtime interaction. Best of all, our course software will automatically track your progress!

How can I access the live interaction sessions?

You can access the live interactions sessions in the 'On demand Classes' section:

There's nothing to join or do to participate. Simply start taking any on-demand class when there's an instructor online, and it will count towards your live requirements. You can see if there's an instructor available on the top right-hand corner of the page

Where can I find the schedule for the live interaction sessions?

You can view the upcoming schedule in the 'On demand Classes' section by clicking on 'View More Upcoming Instructor Chat Sessions':

Do live interaction sessions use up live stream hours?

No, they won't use up your live stream hours or on-demand hours.

How can I chat with the instructor?

If you have any questions you can contact an instructor by clicking on 'Chat with Instructor':

What happens when the instructor goes offline?

Once the live interaction session is over, you'll get an alert informing you that the instructor is no longer online, and any other time you spend in class will use up your on-demand time (as long as you have on-demand hours left).

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