Redeeming gift cards

Received a gift card and want to know how to use it? We've got you covered!

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I received a gift card and want to use it. How do I redeem it?

First off, congratulations on getting the best gift ever!

If you don't have an account with us, just click on the unique gift link in your gift card email and create an account. Your gift card will be automatically applied to your account once you're signed up.

If you already have an account with us, first log into your account, and then click the gift link to redeem it and add the gifted course to your account.

Does my gift card expire?

Yes. Gift cards expire one (1) year after purchase, so make sure to redeem it before then!

My gift card says that it has already been redeemed or is not activated. What gives?

Please send our customer support team a message via our live chat widget, and we'll look into this for you and get you an answer.

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