After passing the exam you must apply for the license to receive it. To apply for the license you must send the following to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission

Both must be sent to the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission office at

  • Office of Professional Licensure and Certification

  • Attn: NH Real Estate Commission

  • 7 Eagle Square

  • Concord, NH 03301

And you also must submit A criminal background check using the OPLC instructions found on

Along with a $25 fee that can be paid with a debit or credit card.

When providing your name, phone number, and an email address you must use the email

  • The background check is valid for 6 months from the report date

  • If an applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony offense, additional requirements and paperwork must be submitted

    • If the offense has not been annulled, a criminal record report from that jurisdiction must be submitted

    • If the offense has been annulled, it must be disclosed in the application and an Arrest and Conviction Form must be submitted

Filling out the license application


  • Pages 1 and 2 (parts I, II, III, and IV) These parts of the application must be completed by the candidate.

  • Part V (Salesperson affiliation form) This part of the application must be completed by your sponsoring broker.

  • Part VII (Affidavits form) The form on page 4 is for the candidate's references.

The following rules apply:

  • References cannot be related to you or be classmates in your course unless you knew them before class. References are used to verify that you are of good reputation, honest, and deal fairly with others

    • Examples of acceptable references:

  • A colleague from work, your neighbor, your professor from college, your boss, someone from your volunteer organization, a childhood friend, a friend at the gym, etc.

  • Part X (checklist) Candidate must include their name and check the items listed carefully so that they're not missing anything also return that checklist with their application.

NOTE Non-residents must fill out the 'Power of attorney' section (part VI).

The license approval process takes 5-10 business days. Candidates will receive an email from the NH real estate commission with a license document.

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