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How do I apply for New Hampshire license reciprocity?
How do I apply for New Hampshire license reciprocity?

Learn how to get a reciprocal New Hampshire real estate license

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As of August 1st, 2022 New Hampshire recognizes all states' licenses for reciprocity.

To apply for New Hampshire reciprocity, follow the following steps:

  1. Have a license in another state and have passed both the National and State portions of the exam. You need to have a real estate license in another state that you got by passing the full license exam.

    1. Obtain a Certificate of Good Standing from your state licensing authority to prove your licensure.

  2. Pass the state portion of the New Hampshire licensing exam. You will need to take and pass the state portion of the New Hampshire licensing exam to prove that you know New Hampshire's laws and get your reciprocal license.

    1. Need help with this? We're got you covered with our NH Reciprocal Study Plan.

    2. Apply for the exam using the Exam Registration Form.

    3. You can read about the exam in PSI's exam candidate handbook.

    4. You will receive approval to take the exam by email from PSI Exams, the testing provider. You must take your exam in person at a PSI test center within 3 months of being approved.

  3. Apply for your license. Within 6 months of passing the state portion of the exam, apply for your license with the New Hampshire Real Estate Commission using their License Application Form.

    1. Be sure to follow the application checklist on the Commission's website and include all of the required materials. Incomplete applications will be returned.

  4. Get your license. Once your application is approved by the Commission you'll get your New Hampshire reciprocal license. Congratulations!

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