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Downloading Data from your Gatheround Event
Downloading Data from your Gatheround Event
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To learn how to access your event data on Gatheround, check out this quick video or read on below for written instructions:

How can I access my Gatheround event data?

Organizers on Premium Groups can access data for any events associated with their Group in two ways:

  1. Go to your Group page. In the "Events" tab, click the three-dots (...) next to the event of interest, then select, "Download Data," from the drop-down menu.

  2. Go to your event page. Click the three dots (...) next to the "Edit" button. Click "Download Data."

A download window will appear on the bottom-right of your screen. When the download is ready, click the download icon once again to save the file onto your local device.

Look for three tabs, which contain all data for your event:

If you open the download as a Google Sheet

If you open the download as a Numbers document

What is included in my Gatheround event data downloads?

Each Gatheround event data download includes three tabs: Event, Participants, and Matches.

  • The Events tab contains information about the event itself, including when it was created, what group it is associated with, the event title, the event description, and more.

  • The Participants tab contains information about participants who joined your event, including user id, the name they used to join, the email they used to join, their account name, the number of matches in which they participated, and the date/time of their final match.

  • The Matches tab contains information about who matched with whom during 1-on-1 and Small Group conversation activities, including when the round started and ended, and who joined.

Please note: These downloads include data from every session you’ve hosted using this link. If you’ve hosted this event multiple times, you’ll see all that data reflected in this report.

How do I see who matched with each other?

You can see who matched with each other within your event by looking at the Matches tab (see above) in your event data download. Every line in this tab represents a different participant's experience in a unique match. You can see a specific participant's match(es) by looking at who has a corresponding "match_id".

For any given participant, you can find their corresponding match_id(s) in the sheet to see who the participant in question was speaking with. Through similar means, you can discern every match over the course of the event.

What do the fields within the data exports mean?



id/ event_id

Unique id of your event


Unique id of a participant within your event


Date/time of event creation


Group id associated with your event


Group name associated with your event


Event name


Event description


Event creator email


Event creator display name


Number of total matches within the event


Number of total participants within the event


Number of total chat messages within the event


Participant's joining name


Participant's email


Participant's account name


Total number of matches for a given participant


Date/time of a participant's most recent match within the event


Unique id of a conversation activity (match round) within your event


Unique id of a specific match during a conversation activity within your event


Date/time of a match's start


Date/time of a match's end

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