Creating and Editing Events

A quick intro to creating Gatheround events!

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To learn how to create or edit events, check out this quick video or read on below for written instructions:

Ready to start engaging your team with Gatheround? The first step is to create an event. Just click the "Create Event" button in the upper right corner of the page to start!

Creating Your Event

Templates make it easy to design an event, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Explore everything from team building activities to learning and development materials in our library turnkey workshops, events, and agendas.

To take a sneak peek at any template, hover over it and click “Preview.” When you’re ready, hover and click “Use Template” to get started with one of our agendas! You’ll have the chance to customize and edit the agenda as much as you like,—from the content of the conversations to the activity types, videos, and more.

Custom Events

If you’d prefer to skip the library and build your own unique event, just click “Start from Scratch” at the top of the page in the template library.

Editing Your Event

You’ve now created an event — congrats! Next you’ll need to add in details to customize your event.

  • Event Details

    • Event Name: The Event Name field is important: it will show up prominently in the event room and will also be the best way to keep track of your saved events.

    • Description: The Description field is displayed directly below the event name in the room as well as in the description of your calendar event (if you add to your calendar using Gatheround’s built- in integration). This will be the best place for you to define the goals of your event for your participants. This is also a great place to add something enticing about the experience that will energize your participants!

    • Date and time. Set a date and time for your event to let people know when it'll be held. See our article on connecting your Google Calendar.

    • Associate your event with a Group. This will allow co-organizers in your Group to see, edit, and host this event. It will also allow you to access Premium features if you’ve upgraded your Group to a paid tier. (For more details on how Groups work, check out this quick video.)

  • Host Controls

    • Icebreaker Question: This is a prompt for participants to answer when they arrive at your event. Their answer will appear for everyone to see when they initially join the event and is a fun way to get the conversation going. To start your event without an icebreaker question, toggle this setting off.

    • Participant camera and microphone: When participants join a Gatheround event, they will be able to turn on their video and/or audio to stream live in the main room to anyone else who is present by default. If you would like to prevent this, toggle this setting off.

    • Matching Style: Gatheround offers two matching options for your conversation activities: Round-Robin Matching and A/B Subgroup Matching. (See our article on matching options.) In most events, the default match style is round-robin.

  • Invitations:

  • Add additional hosts as necessary and copy your event's link to your calendar invite!

Customizing Your Activity List

If you started from a template, you might already have activities in your event.

To begin adding new activity, click “Add Activity”.” You can select from our library of activities by clicking “Add Activity From Library.”, or if you want to create your own activity from scratch, select the activity type that you want to add.

Need a bit more help? Check out all of our activities and learn more about building an agenda in the Building an Agenda section of the Help Center.

Now that your event is created, are you ready to learn more about how to be a great host on Gatheround? Check out our Hosting Resources!

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