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Why We Need A Card and Bank Connection
Why We Need A Card and Bank Connection

What's the difference and what are they used for?

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To be able to use Chip to the fullest, we ask for both a card and bank account connection. Without both, you might find yourself unable to deposit or withdraw.

Much like when you buy something online, you use your long card number, but when you send money to a friend, you use your sort code and account number - this is exactly how Chip works. In order for us to be able to charge deposits, we require a card connection. To be able to send withdrawals back to you, we need your bank account details.

Users who only have a card connection will struggle to withdraw. This is easily remedied by adding a bank connection via the profile tab, but if for whatever reason this isn't possible, please don't hesitate to contact our customer service team either with the contact us section on the profile tab in the app or by emailing

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