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Can I withdraw at any time and how long does it take?

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When Can I Withdraw?

You can withdraw at any time, so long as your money has finished clearing into your selected account and you have linked your bank account to Chip. You can find more information about deposit processing times here.

How To Withdraw

To withdraw, just head to the relevant account in the Savings or Invest tab. Once you've selected it, you'll see the option to withdraw at the top. Once you've entered the amount and confirmed the withdrawal, you will receive confirmation in the app and via email if the withdrawal was successful.

How Long Do Withdrawals Take?

Processing times are dependent on the account you withdraw from. The full timescales are as shown below:

Account Name

Withdrawal Timescale

Prize Savings Account

Typically within minutes, but up to two hours maximum.

Chip Instant Access Account

Typically within minutes, but up to two hours maximum.

Allica Easy Access

Up to two working days.

Oaknorth 90-Day Notice

90 days' notice after withdrawal initiation, then up to two additional working days for processing.


Up to two working days.


Up to two working days.

Investments (ISA and GIA)

Up to five working days.

NOTE: Bonus funds awarded by Chip are processed separately from your own savings and can only be withdrawn along with your entire balance. Bonus funds will arrive as a separate transaction no more than two working days later.

Having Trouble Withdrawing?

If you're having difficulty withdrawing from your balance, this is most commonly due to the lack of a bank connection (you can check this at the top of the profile tab), or it might be that we need to verify your account before you can proceed.

Please reach out to us either via the "contact us" section of the profile tab or by emailing us at hello@getchip.uk.

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