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ChipX is our premium membership plan designed to help our users level up their savings and make the most of investing with Chip. ChipX offers a range of benefits from fees to funds, we have detailed them all for you in the relevant sections below.


Chip have introduced a new fee structure across our services meaning that without your ChipX membership, you are subject to the following fees:

  • 45p charge per autosave

  • 25p per recurring save

  • 0.5% platform fee (min. £1/month) on total funds held in investment accounts

Moving onto our paid plan will waive all of the above charges, meaning you can continue to make the most out of your Chip account for no more than £5.99 every 28 days. With full access to a great range of savings accounts and funds, the more you save, the more benefit you’ll get from your ChipX plan!

We are also offering an annual package, costing a total of £65.05 which works out to £4.99 every 28 days!

Charges for recurring saves and withdrawals will be released in due time but will be covered by the ChipX membership.


At Chip we offer a broad range of funds across both plans but as a ChipX member, you get to invest through a stocks and shares ISA meaning you can invest up to £20K tax-free! (needs checking). Below you will find the complete range of funds we currently offer.


Average annual returns*


Cautious X


Chip X Exclusive

Balanced X


Chip X Exclusive

Adventurous X


Chip X Exclusive

Ethical X


Chip X Exclusive

Clean Energy


Chip X Exclusive

Emerging Markets


Chip X Exclusive

Healthcare Innovation


Chip X Exclusive

Physical Gold


Chip X Exclusive

Global Companies fund


Chip X Exclusive

Crypto Companies fund


Chip X Exclusive

Cautious fund


Available to all users

Balanced Fund


Available to all users

Adventurous fund


Available to all users

FTSE 100 fund


Available to all users

S&P 500 Tech fund


Available to all users

*Accurate as of 02/12/2022

As a ChipX member, you will have the opportunity to invest in any of these funds and you can do so with absolutely no platform fee!

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