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How is my Investment growth calculated?
How is my Investment growth calculated?
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Our investment account growth includes any gains or losses from your investments you have bought and sold. Your Stocks & Shares ISA and your General Investment Account will each have their own growth, reflected on your homepage. This is the calculation for each of your investment account’s growth:

Closing account balance - (opening account balance + cash flows)

This calculation includes your ‘realised gains or losses’ - which means the actual gains or losses from investments you have sold.

This is the calculation you see on your homepage below each of your investment account’s balances.

Your fund growth, on the other hand, only includes your ‘unrealised gains’. You can see each of your fund’s growth by first selecting your account (Stocks & Shares ISA or General Investment Account) from your ‘Invest’ tab.

​Your fund growth is the potential profit or loss for your investments right now, which have yet to be sold. If you have bought and sold an investment, the gains on that investment will not be included in these calculations. This is the calculation for any individual fund you invest in:

​Book value - Current value.

​It's also worth noting that the current value of your fund is calculated based on your quantity of units held x the current fund price.

​While both of these growth calculations are available on your Chip app, they are calculated by our custodian, Seccl Custody Limited. They provide the behind-the-scenes technology which powers our investment platform. They are responsible for holding your cash and investments. But, you do not need to speak with them if you have any questions for your Chip account. Our team is here to help. You can read more about Seccl here.

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