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How do my students see the test or exam? What is publishing an exam?
How do my students see the test or exam? What is publishing an exam?
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Choosing PUBLISH on an exam allows your students to see the exam or test.

Note: If students are taking the exam on a small tablet or mobile device, teachers need to choose Allow Exams on mobile devices from Settings > Other.

For students to take the exam:

Click PUBLISH to distribute the test.
Choose Shuffle if you wish to scramble the skills' order on the exam.
Choose the class(es) to receive the exam.

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.
Choose a class from the left column.
Choose Exams from the middle column.
The Enabled slider will be on. This means that your students may request to take the test.

To allow auto-accept for all students, move the slider to on for Auto-Accept. Auto-Accept allows students to start the test without you granting permission for each student. 

The default allows for Auto-Accept for 15 minutes. You may override the amount of time by clicking on the time.

You might not enable this option if you have an absent student.

To request a test, a student will click on their menu option in the upper right corner and choose Exams & Follow-ups.

The student will choose the exam by name.

If you have Auto-Accept turned on, the student will start the test. If you do not have Auto-Accept turned on, you will need to grant permission for the student to take the test.

When a student works on the exam, she will not see smiley faces. The gray box with the blue checkmark indicates that the student has entered an answer. Students do not have immediate feedback during exams.

When a student completes the test, she will click on Hand in exam.

Students will return to Spiral Review or incomplete assignment after clicking Hand in exam.

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