Mixed Review is the beating heart of Get More Math!

Mixed Review is spiral, individualized, prioritized practice over the skills covered by the class.

Students should earn points in Mixed Review every day!

How to create Mixed Review

Mixed Review is created automatically and incrementally. When a teacher clicks ASSIGN on an assignment, the skills in the assignment are added to Mixed Review.

There are three ways for students to reach Mixed Review.

1.) When a student completes an assignment, GMM automatically transitions the student to Mixed Review.

2.) When teachers click SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW, the entire class is moved to Mixed Review.

3. When a student clicks Change Assignment, one of their options is Mixed Review.

Best practices and Mixed Review

GMM recommends that teachers click SWITCH TO MIXED REVIEW when 1/3 of class time is remaining.

Keep in mind: assignments are brief, focused practice over today's new content. Assignments have three or fewer skills and three or fewer points per skill. Assignment skills are included in Mixed Review.

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