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How do I grade an exam or test?
How do I grade an exam or test?

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By choosing SAVE GRADE, teachers:

  1. update the Analysis for the exam

  2. create the Follow-up for the exam

  3. create Corrections for the exam

To grade an exam:

Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

Choose a class from the left column.

Choose Exams from the middle column.

Click on an exam name.

Click on a student's name.

Correct answers are given credit and show green on the teacher's screen.

Incorrect answers are marked by a red X.

Teachers may offer full, partial, or no credit for incorrect answers by clicking on the options at the bottom of the screen or by clicking F for full credit, P for partial credit, or N for no credit.

When a teacher has graded the exam, the teacher clicks SAVE GRADE.

Teachers may choose to save the grade for a class by clicking the GRADE TURNED IN EXAMS button. This action accepts the grades for each student.

Teachers may print a student's exam and answers by clicking the print icon.

After grading exams, teachers may view the item analysis by clicking Analysis.


After grading exams, teachers may turn on Corrections so that students will correct incorrect answers.

From the student's view, Corrections are completed by correcting the mistakes and practicing for the Follow-up by solving the $ problems above the dotted line.


After students have practiced skill(s) missed on the exam for a few days, teachers may enable the Follow-up Exam. The Follow-up Exam for a student will include the skills she missed on the original exam.

Teachers grade Follow-up Exams and may view Analysis for the Exam.

Students do not receive notifications for their exam grades. When a teacher enables Corrections for an exam, the student will view and correct the problems missed on the exam.

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