Auto Accept allows ALL students in the class to take the exam immediately after clicking on Exams & Follow-ups.

Unlock allows students to view previously viewed and/or attempted problems on the exam. The teacher and student must be online for a teacher to allow the unlock of a Paused portion of an exam.

Teachers may choose to allow Auto Accept for the default of 15 minutes, or teachers may allow Auto Accept for a longer period of time by clicking on the blue time oval.

Unlock is required when a student viewed some, or all, problems on the exam and closed the GMM tab before clicking Hand In Exam and the teacher has chosen the option to lock previously viewed and/or answered problems.

To unlock an exam:

  1. Student requests to take the exam by clicking Exams & Follow-up from the student menu.

  2. Student requests exam.

  3. The teacher clicks ALLOW for the request to take the exam.

  4. Student click Request Unlock.

  5. The teacher clicks ALLOW for the request of an unlock for a Paused exam.

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