Penalties can be turned off for individual students, and teachers can clear the debt for a particular student.

Though penalties are an important part of helping your student understand the value accuracy, student can quickly incur debt if they are accustomed to guessing on multiple-choice questions.

This may be avoided by explaining the function of penalties. By design, penalties discourage guessing.

NOTE: Penalties are reset at the end of each calendar day (11:59 pm). Unfixed errors remain until corrected.

To disable penalties for an individual student,

  1. Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

  2. Choose a class from the left column.

  3. Choose Roster from the middle column.

  4. Click on a student's name.

  5. Move the slider for Disable Penalties.

If a student has accumulated too many penalties, and the teacher would like to do a one-time clearing of those penalties

  1. Have the student click on the particular skill with the penalties.

  2. Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.

  3. Choose Current Status from the middle column.

  4. Click on the student's name to view her current problem.

  5. Click on the Replace Problem button. This will clear all the penalties for this skill.

Experienced GMM Teacher Tip: Offer assistance to a student with penalties. Clear the misconception, and then clear the penalty.

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