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Why is my student's answer marked incorrect?
What is the difference between Assignment Report and Points History?
How do I allow students to work on problems (skills) without a $ sign?
How do students know they are working in Mixed Review?
What is the student calendar?
How do students log out of GMM?
How do my students enter an exact answer for a repeating decimal?
How do my students enter No Solution or Infinite Possibilities as an answer?
How do students change the increments on the axes?
How do students enter undefined as an answer?
Session closed - did you log in somewhere else?
How do students earn game credits? How do I offer other game options?
What is the magenta dot?
Why does GMM include nonsense words in some of the skills?
Why doesn't GMM provide feedback to students on incorrectly answered problems?
Can I turn penalties off? Can I clear a student's penalties?
How to graph inequalities on a number line?
How do I turn off games for a class or for an individual student?
What are cut corners? Why do my students have orange corners on their squares?
What are points? How do students earn points?
Do you have questions about student displays and input of answers?
How do students know whether to use a line, ray, or segment when graphing?
What is the Skip feature?
What are the keyboard options? Why can't my student enter a fraction?
How do my students enter answers?
What do the colors of the squares mean?
What does a $ mean and why are the $ signs important?
What are penalties?
What do the falling crowns mean?
How do students turn off the smiley faces? Why would students want to turn off the smiley faces?
Do game credits expire?
How does a student switch from one class to another?