For learning recovery, using diagnostic exams is not our GMM preferred method. However, we understand that some districts require the use of diagnostic exams.

Note: Some skills in our diagnostic exams may require that students have some knowledge of entering answers in GMM.

Note: Keep in mind that a class must have WORK (an assignment, not an exam) so that students can log into GMM. Teachers must assign at least one assignment to a class so that students are able to log in.

GMM has a diagnostic folder for each grade level. The skills are identified so that you can quickly create an exam using the skills.

To locate the diagnostic folders

  1. Choose WORK from the blue ribbon.

  2. Choose a grade level in the middle column.

  3. Choose UNIT GUIDE along the top

  4. Scroll to the last sub-folder in the grade level -- Diagnostics

To create a diagnostic exam

  1. From WORK, click the blue + sign.

  2. Choose CREATE EXAM.

3. Name the exam.

4. Add skills to the exam from the Diagnostic folder by adding individual skills or the entire folder. **We recommend that teachers cycle through the skills before choosing to add a skill.

5. Choose to have the same problems for each student or different problems for each student.

6. Click SAVE.

7. Click PUBLISH.

After saving the grades on the exam, use ANALYSIS to create assignments to address learning gaps.

Have questions about using Exams? Check out GMM's video library for Exams.

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