Monitoring Students during Exams

While students are testing, teachers may monitor the status of the exam from Exams.
Choose CLASSES from the blue ribbon.
Choose a class from the left column.
Choose Exams from the middle column.

In Progress - The student is taking the exam.

Not Started - The student has not started the exam.

Turned In - The student has handed in the exam.

Paused - The student has viewed some, or all, problems and closed the GMM tab.

Graded- Student exam has been graded.

Student Screens during Exams

When a student works on the exam, she will not see smiley faces or magenta dots. She will not earn points during exams.

The gray box with the blue checkmark indicates that the student has entered an answer.

When a student completes the test, she will click on Hand in Exam.

Students will return to the previously assigned content (Assignment or Mixed Review) after clicking Hand in Exam.

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